Special Tuition Rates for 2020 - 2021 Outreach Choirs

This year our programming will be 100% virtual.  The special pricing can be found in the tables below.  20% or more has been taken off our traditional tuition rates.  Our Newton and Pella choir sites are generously subsidized by a gift from the Fred Maytag Family Foundation and we gladly pass the additional savings along to your family.  In order to receive this discount, you must live in Marion or Jasper County.

Primary Choir (1st and 2nd grade) will be four 6-week sessions.  You can choose to sign up for one session or the whole semester.  If you sign up for the semester, you are eligible for the Early Bird discount.  New students can join at the start of each session.  The dates of the sessions are:

Fall Semester

Session 1
September 14 – October 22 

Session 2
November 2 – December 10

Spring Semester

Session 1
January 11 – February 18

Session 2
March 22 – April 29


$40 / per semester
$36 / Early Bird Discount
$20 / per session*

Tuition covers instruction, music, and other costs such as advertising and administration. Each Primary Chorister will need to make a one-time purchase of an instrument kit for $20.  

*This cost can be split equally into two monthly payments if requested.

Children’s Chorus (3rd – 6th grade) will have approximately 12-13 rehearsals per semester.  Fall rehearsals will run September 14 – December 10.  The virtual Candy Cane concert will be Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 4:00 pm.  2nd semester rehearsals will run January 11 - April 15. Spring Sing will be Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 4:00 pm.


$40 / per semester
$36 / Early Bird Discount
$10 / per month

Tuition covers instruction, music, and other costs such as advertising and administration. It does not cover uniform costs. Students will still be asked to wear their performance polos.


Early Bird Discount – An additional 10% discount will be given to families who are able to pay in full by the deadline each semester.  The deadline in order to receive the additional discount is September 5 (1st semester) and January 5 (2nd semester).  Families that register for an entire semester of Primary Choir and pay by the deadline are also eligible for this discount.

Referral Credit – In addition, returning choristers are eligible for a $50 referral credit for recruiting new choristers to IYC. If a new student enrolls by the registration deadline and lists you as who referred them to IYC, your account will be credited $50.  A few rules and stipulations:

  • Students and families can recruit multiple new choristers for the referral credit, but your account will not be credited beyond $0.
  • To be designated as a returning chorister, one must have sung with IYC for at least one semester previous.  To be designated as a new chorister, one must have never sung with IYC before.

Income Adjusted Tuition

No child will ever be denied an opportunity to sing with Iowa Youth Chorus for financial reasons. If you are interested in utilizing our Income Adjusted Tuition program, simply indicate this on your registration form. You will need to provide your annual household income and the number of people in your household. All financial information and personal circumstances shared with us will be kept confidential. An Iowa Youth Chorus representative will contact you to discuss options. Thank you!