Our advanced choirs, Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, tour each year. Touring allows these choirs to truly hone their skills, preparing a full concert of material to take “on the road.” The experience of performing in venues outside of our home base enriches the choir’s experience and presents a host of new challenges.

By touring together, whether it’s for 2 days or 2 weeks, the choir forms close bonds and learns to work together as a unit in ways not possible during regular rehearsals. IYC seeks out artistically significant festivals and venues for the choirs to perform in. Often our tours involve exchanges with other youth choirs, at our destination spot. This enhances the cultural experience of the tour.

Concert Choir Tours

Concert Choir tours in the spring, a 2 to 3 day trip to a neighboring state. Previous tours have included trips to the KIDSING Festival in Sioux City, Mall of America and Valleyfair Festival in Minnesota, and the Great America Music Festival in Chicago.

Chamber Singers Tours

Chamber Singers is our international touring choir, typically traveling overseas every other year, alternating with domestic tours. Domestic tours have included the Children of the World in Harmony Festival in Michigan, and a performance tour to San Francisco.

Chamber Singers’ recent international destinations are Italy, Quebec, United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland), and Niagara Falls. Fundraising activities are held throughout the year to assist singers with tour costs. Chamber Singers usually travels in the summer months.