Read what parents say about what the Beginnings program means to them and their families.



“After just a few short months, my daughter can go to the piano and play one of a dozen songs in a handful of keys without looking at a piece of music.  It’s giving her an excellent base knowledge for whatever musical direction she would choose to go in the future.  I love the aural teaching approach, and I’m excited to see how her learning progresses!”

Jennifer Tekippe

“Our two oldest daughters took Beginnings’ 2-year group keyboard class before starting private piano lessons. The parents join in the last 15 minutes of the class to understand the assignment for the week and to get a glimpse of what they learned. We have been AMAZED at the theory our daughters have learned. They speak and understand music theory after these two years better than I ever knew it after 10 years of piano lessons. For us it’s been a cheaper way to start lessons and I think it’s been very good for them. I’m amazed at how they can transpose songs at the keyboard, “hear” the music, etc.”
LeAnne Getz

“We have been fortunate to have two of our children experience the Beginnings music classes. The classes were well run and provided a solid foundation for music that we believe will be with them throughout their lives. Our children looked forward to attending the classes with the wide variety of musical experiences offered and interaction with other students. With all the many opportunities offered for children today, we are glad we chose the Beginnings music classes for our children.”
Teresa and Ed Kordick

Both my boys attended Beginnings classes starting at 18 months. Attending the classes has given them a positive start to their education and development. We are expecting our third child this year and plan to enroll him in Beginnings classes too.
Alice Bear

My son has been in these classes for three years. He has always been fond of music, but these classes have let him experiment with different instruments, taught him rhythm, and most importantly– how to enjoy the music while he is learning it.
Sarah Lawyer

I particularly like the way my kids have developed relationships with Mrs. K and their peers over time. Each term is different — different goals, different music to listen to, different games and activities. Great parental education and tips too!
Lisa West

Miss Lori and Mrs. K have taught my 3 children wonderful things! One read at 3, one spoke in full sentences at 20 months and my youngest (18 months) appears brighter than his siblings. Beginnings didn’t make them smart, but it definitely helped!
Andrea Cook

The teachers are wonderful, give freely of their time and create relationships with the children.
Luis Castillo

This curriculum has children learning by playing and having fun. Without you noticing, it builds from teaching steady beat to more complex musical terms. This program will develop your child all-around, not just musically.
Jodi Castillo

My son, now three, has enjoyed three classes with Lori Lindberg. Her upbeat sweetness makes the class a real joy for kids and parents alike. My son sings all the time and really looks forward to class.
Michelle King

My daughter loves the Seasons Class (She is 3 1/2). She hums and sings the songs all week during free play. The repeating tunes build her confidence. She really enjoys her teacher, Lori Lindberg. She is gentle, kind and fun!
Lynette Rasmussen

I am amazed at how much my daughter has grown in her love of music over the last year. She enjoyed everything about her Cycle of the Seasons class: the singing, dancing, pretending, her teacher, and all of her new friends. She participated enthusiastically and looked forward to her class each week. I will continue with the Beginnings program because of all the wonderful things my daughter is learning.
Brooke Acheson

Beginnings built the foundation for a solid appreciation and understanding of music. The action-packed programs make learning fun for children. We highly recommend this program to all parents.
Kent & Molly Altemeier

Beginnings is an excellent way to introduce your children to music. For about 4 years my daughter has enjoyed the various music, the musical instruments and just moving to the music. The teachers do a great job of incorporating the music fundamentals into the class time and making it fun. This past year she was so excited to learn 4 songs that she can play by herself on her glockenspiel. Mrs. Steenson is a wonderful teacher.
Gayle Collins