Beginnings: The Early Childhood Program

Ages: 15 months to 9 years of age Auditions: No audition is required. The Iowa Youth Chorus offers early childhood music education in the Beginnings program. Beginnings is a comprehensive early childhood program that spans the first nine years of a child’s musical development. IYC Beginnings classes awaken and develop your child’s inborn joy and talent for music-making. Through age-appropriate, group music and movement experiences for every age, the program follows a carefully-sequenced approach to music reading that fosters true music literacy. Our family packets allow the activities first experienced in class to continue at home. The quality CD’s that are the central piece of the family packets allow the children to absorb the songs that are the context through which all the musical concepts, such as keyboard skill, note reading and ensemble skills will be taught at the appropriate time. Based on the Musikgarten™ approach, Beginnings is steeped in the understanding that music and movement nurture child development. Each class level, from the infant program to the introductory keyboard, stands on its own and fits the developmental needs of the child. Class time is educational, fun and purposeful – a rarity in today’s world which often confuses entertainment with education.

Come for the fun, stay for the education, and see why Beginnings has no equal!

Read what parents say about what the Beginnings program means to them and their families. Beginnings demo classes are held at the start of each new semester. See the pictures and story from the Des Moines Register, taken at one of our demo classes.