Chorus Overview

The Iowa Youth Chorus is committed to providing Iowa area children the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the joys of music. We train singers, we nurture their voices and ambitions.

The Approach

The Iowa Youth Chorus artistic staff seeks to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which children and youth can learn the fundamentals of choral singing: music reading, ensemble and performance skills coupled with healthy vocal technique. A wide range of performing experiences in both formal and informal settings with large or small audiences provides singers the opportunity to share their gifts and accomplishments with the wider community.

The Curriculum

All choirs are instructed in age appropriate music-reading skills, including pitch and rhythm notation, part-singing, and expressive markings. Basic vocal technique elements such as breathing, posture, tone and diction are presented at each level and with increasing complexity. Through a wide range of choral repertoire spanning time and cultures, singers will learn ensemble skills such as blend, balance, intonation and style.

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