Beginnings: Fall Classes


Fall Semester Start Dates
Tuesday September 13, 2016

Beginnings demo classes are held at the start of each new semester. See the pictures and story from the Des Moines Register, taken at one of our demo classes.


Music Makers: At the Keyboard

Semester 1 of this 2-year sequence lays the groundwork for keyboard success. Children gain comprehensive music skills that benefit them no matter where their future interests lead: piano lessons, school band or orchestra or the Iowa Youth Chorus. In addition to time at the keyboards, the class features drumming, singing and composition.

Semester 3 refines the physical and aural skills developed in year 1. Your child will be introduced to familiar and new pieces as well as improvisation and composition. Playing by ear continues, but reading activities are more plentiful. Appropriate activities and sequencing in the curriculum allow your child to easily play in keys usually reserved for more advanced students. Dynamics, articulation and expression markings make your results more musical that ever.


Home materials for both classes include a keyboard book, 2 CD’s or digital music and notation game cards. Semester 1 materials also include a parent guide and a carry bag.

Sibling kits include the Music Makers: At the Keyboard book and notation game cards.

Ages Class Length Location
7 – 8 years 75 minutes; last 15 minutes parent or caregiver joins the class Windsor Presbyterian Church
6301 University Avenue
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

There are no 7-week classes at this time.

From time-to-time there are free 30-minute demo classes available at area libraries. Call 515-262-8312, ext. 3 to register for a free Beginnings class.

View current classes available.


1 Call 515-262-8312, Extension 3. Monthly payment plans available. 2Download, print and mail our Keyboard Registration Form