Music Philosophy

Lifting young hearts and minds through excellence in choral music.

The Iowa Youth Chorus (IYC) has gained recognition as one of Central Iowa’s most exciting and comprehensive choral education and performance programs for young people. A child-centered approach to learning makes IYC the choice for more than 150 young singers (grades K-12) and toddlers/ preschoolers this year.

Our educational process balances outstanding training and the pursuit of excellence with a nurturing and stimulating rehearsal environment. Our performances fuse traditional choral music and songs from divergent cultures, earning us a reputation as the unique, youth choral organization in the Midwest.

Our music comes from across the ages, around the world and many languages. The music taught and sung by IYC spans many genres: classical, choral masterworks with orchestra, American and international folk music, jazz, gospel and pop.

Choral Singing: A Life-Long Joy

Singing in choirs is something that one can do for spiritual uplift. It is a great way to build a sense of community: a kind of purposeful fellowship that is increasingly important in our hectic lives. Choral singing provides tremendous benefits to intellectual and emotional development. Studies have shown that young people who sing in choirs:

    • Do better in their school studies, especially in mathematics
    • Develop personal confidence and overcome shyness when speaking in public
    • Have a tendency to be healthier and are sick less often
    • If a stutterer, do not stutter when singing
    • Acquire improved abilities to speak and enunciate more clearly
    • If ESL, learn the language faster and better
    • Have better posture and body alignment
    • Learn to breathe properly
    • Make lasting friendships

According to neurologists, humans are hard-wired to make music. Singing in choirs is the most natural way to make music and express oneself. Singing in a choir and learning how to demonstrate excellence as a group, is an investment of incalculable worth in a child’s life. The gift of music — is indeed a “lifelong joy.”